2020-2021 Supply List – Middle School

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Middle School Supplies (Grades: 6th, 7th, 8th)

Quantity Description Subjects
1 set ear Buds All Subjects
1 red pen for grading All Subjects
3 packages #2 pencils All Subjects
1 box colored pencils All Subjects
4 one inch three-ring binders  Science, Reading, Math, Social Studies
5 folders with brads and pockets Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, Homework/Homeroom
1 package highlighters any color Reading, Language Arts
1 package wide ruled notebook paper All Subjects
1 ¼ inch graph paper Math
3 composition notebooks Reading, Math, Language Arts
1 ream of copy paper Homeroom
1 flash drive All Subjects
1 hand pencil sharpener All Subjects
1 correction tape All Subjects
2 spiral notebooks  Math, Language Arts
1 dry erase marker and eraser Math
1 4×6 index cards Language Arts
2 packages  divider tabs Math, Social Studies

Optional Supplies

Quantity Description Subjects
1 bottle of hand soap/sanitizer Homeroom
1 box of tissues Homeroom
1 roll of paper towels Homeroom
1 1 inch 3 ring binder Social Studies
1 carabineer or key ring for index cards Language Arts
1 package disinfectant wipes Homeroom